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BitcartCC: New Contributors Welcome / Open Source project

Bitcart is a project to simplify cryptocurrencies integration.
It's target is to be light, provide simple APIs, and some out-of-box nice templates.
It is a multi-language project.
The used languages are Python(asyncio, tests, PyPi library and more), HTML, CSS, Node.js(Vue(with Vuetify framework)), and even a bit of Go(for CLI command). Also such things as docker and docker-compose are used.
Even if you don't know about cryptocurrencies you can learn a lot from that project and help us.

How to get started

Bitcart consists of 6 repositories(yes, six!). Parts of it are split between those repositories to simplify work.
For example, if you're a node developer, repos of interests would be bitcart-frontend and bitcart-admin.
If you are a python developer, repos of interest would be bitcart(main one), bitcart-sdk. If you like docker, repo of interested would be bitcart-docker, if you would like to write some docs, repo of interest would be bitcart-docs.

To get started, take a look at Hacktoberfest introduction issue.
It has all the necessary information to get started.
You can try this project out and submit bugs, fix issues labeled with hacktoberfest or open new ones.
Any help is welcome!
If you need help understanding the project open the issue on github or ask in our Telegram group.
Happy coding everyone!

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Cool might look into it 😁