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Binuri Kaveesha
Binuri Kaveesha

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WeCoded 2023 and My journey

In a high school subject called "Introduction to Computer Science," I learned how to code for the first time. Yet I didn't truly decide to enroll in this course. I had no choice but to proceed with this course as intended. When I was 18Β years old, I thought "Computer" and "Science" sounded like a challenging course, so I was worried I wouldn't like it. Of course, I was incredibly mistaken.

It was simple for me to lose track of time while developing my assigned projects because I was having so much fun learning how to code and the art of computer science. I believe that the ability to make anything right at my fingertips fascinated and addicted me.

I had to travel a long way before I could enter the tech industry and find my niche. But I'm able to do it because I enjoy problem-solving and optimizing issues, coming up with original technological solutions, working with people to innovate and develop, learning about new technologies, and finding new tech communities.

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Mohd Amir

Diversity is our strength, and #wecoded exemplifies that. I'm grateful for the opportunity to engage with diverse perspectives and contribute to building a more inclusive tech industry. Together, we can create positive change and empower underrepresented voices.