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How to convert Adobe XD to React Native?

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Since i'm (almost) a total beginner to mobile development, i wanted to know how to convert an Adobe XD design to React Native.

There are couple tools to do this kind of work, but this tools exports everything as "views", even if it's a button. Sure i can copy styling and recreate the button. But is this the right way?

Is there any post/video/tutorial or something that explains this subject "from zero to pro"?

Thank you in advance

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Vicente G. Reyes

Hi, there is a plugin that coverts adobeXD components to React/Vue components.

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Gökhan SARIGÜL Author

Yes, there is "fireblade", "react native generator" and few more, probably. But i'm not sure if it's the right way. I can get styles and attach to other components. But is this how other devs do?

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Niall Maher

Oh, I haven't seen these plugins! Going to check them out. 🔥

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Georges Petrov

Hello, i think Popcode is what you are looking for