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4 Super Helpful Programming Mock Interviews Platforms

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As I always say. No matter how many videos you watch, how many books you read, how many articles you read. I dare to say that in the next few hours, days or weeks that knowledge will go over to the infinity. So what makes that knowledge lives on your long-term memory is practicing. This is one of the main keys to remember it later.

I clearly remember how two years ago I was applying for different foreign job offers. Luckily, I failed on each of them. You might be asking why I am saying “luckily”. The answer is simple. I learned a lot from every attempt I did. I finally found and attacked areas on which I was not enough at that time.

Thanks to that, I was able to figure out my specific weaknesses in data structures, algorithms, deeper frontend things and much more important, my soft skills. The lack of confidence in interviews.

One day, I came across a post about a mock interview platform call, Pramp. I took a look at it. I was impressed by its features and ways to improve your dev skills. I was happy to have the chance to connect with other peoples around the globe who were doing and looking for the same goal than me

My experience with Pramp was fascinating and helpful. It boosted and speed the programming process up in the areas of data structures, technical communication, and frontend stuff. So, after two years, I asked myself, nowaday, which programming mock interviews out there can help us to improve and sharp our programming, frontend, design, or soft skills?

I did research about the top five super helpful programming mock interview platform and their highlighted points on each of them.

1. Pramp

This is my favorite. Why? Because was the first platform I came across and I fell in love with all things around it. Further, it's for free and the kind of interviews which going from general programming knowledge to specific areas like frontend, data science, design system, and data structure and algorithms.

To use this platform and have a mock interview you only need to signup and schedule a free interview with a peer. So Pramp will pair you with an optimal peer and provide you a collaborative environment

Highlights of Pramp

  • It's free
  • The interviews are made over video chat and with a collaborative code editor
  • Variety of type of mock interview: Data Structures & Algorithms, Product Management, System Design, Frontend, Data Science.
  • Swap from an interviewer to the interviewee or vice-versa
  • Learn from peer's feedback which you can check on your dashboard
  • You are able to set sessions to focus on areas you want to improve the most



This is another great programming mock interview platform. The good thing about the platform is the fact all interviewers are on charge as interviewers in their companies. They are seasoned software engineers from prominent tech companies. So they are the right person to reach and based on the hiring feedback you will receive after the interview you will be able to see how strong or not your level is and on what parts you need to improve.

Highlights of TechMockInterview

  • Paid - Price per session
  • Several Interview types
  • Get real feedback based on your performance
  • Professional interviewers from Amazon, Google, Facebook
  • You will get a hiring result as well as a detail written feedback


Do you aspire to be more strong at algorithms and technical problems?. Don't worry! Our friends from will teach you how-to so this is the right place to achieve it. They are mainly focusing on software engineering technical interviews. No more!

You can practice interviewing with real Facebooks and Google engineers. The idea behind this platform is to get a lens into the types of questions you probably will come across at top companies and teach you how to feel comfortable answering them.

Highlights of

  • It's free
  • Interviews are made for real software engineers from top companies
  • Interviews are totally anonymous. They use only audio, not video.
  • If your practice interview goes well you will start to receive an invitation -from top companies without ever touching your resume.
  • You receive feedback based on your performance
  • You should have already done a number of technical interviews before trying on this platform.


Do you want to sharp not only your programming skills but also your soft skills? InterviewBuddy is the right place for. Online face-to-face mock interviews with experts help you train & prepare for job interviews in no pressure. What you need to do is just sign up with all your professional skills details and strengths you have.

Having done that, you will need to book a time slot. On this matter, it is important to mention that on InterviewBudd you have three ways of interviews: Human Resources, Technical and Specialized. Further, there are three priorities for booking: Priority Booking, Standard Booking, and Tentative Booking. I highly recommend you give it a try.

Highlights of InterviewBuddy

  • Paid
  • HR, Technical, and Specialized interviews
  • Get a detailed interview scorecard with performance-based metrics and comprehensive feedback on your strengths &weaknesses.
  • Hand-picked content to prime your interview skills

Final Thoughts

As Einstein said. "We are what repeatedly do" So It's proved that practicing is the only key to master our craft. However, practicing without a strategy or without one-to-one help, your learning process to sharp your skills will be slower and frustrating most of the time.

I highly recommend you give a try to whichever of the platform we discussed through this post.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate your priceless time. I hope this post turned out helpful for you.

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Alex (The Engineering Bolt) ⚡

This is a great set of resources. It's always hard to prepare for Big Tech interviews. To share another resource here is a Discord server called CareerHub, completely free forum where people support each other on their career growth journey

longnh299 profile image
Long Nguyen

i recommend interviewBit

clairec profile image
Claire Collins

Brilliant advice and recommendations. Will be sure to try those out before I start applying for my tech roles. Thank you Roberto 🙏👏