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Learning Apollo and remembering React by doing a project :D

Context (?)

Okey... so... I've recently switched to Ubuntu just for programming, because I used to program in Windows using WSL, which I kind of enjoyed it, but not too much.

And I thought... what about creating posts in now that I am "starting again". And here I am!!

So... let's start!! 😁


My first project commented is going to be a Web where you can search for characters of Rick and Morty and get information about them using Apolo to get the requests from the API and React for the Front (if you want another post like these ones, but with another framework, like svelte, just say it! But I'll first finish this one πŸ₯΄)

Specs (?)

  1. Beautiful 🌈 home page with 5 card characters.
  2. Each characters card πŸƒ can be clicked and gives you more info. The card will have name, image, status, gender.
  3. A search bar πŸ” in the navigation bar, where you can search by name, it will display every character in a card.
  4. The characters page πŸ‘€ will have the whole information about it.

As you can see there is not a lot, but I think for a start is okey. Have in count that I haven't touched React in a lot of time!! and I am learning Apolo and GraphQL 😬

Let's see how this goes :O

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And... I think I'm missing some social network... Bah... never mind, let's start!

PD: I haven't left anything or at least that is what I think hahahahaha

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