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moovie.js - Movie focused HTML5 Player


In my professional work, a few years ago, I worked on a project where the objective was to make reviews of films and trailers, working through API's that brought everything together.

The problem is that the subtitles were not always synchronized with the audio and it was very difficult (if not impossible) to find a player that could adjust in real time (at least without wierd plugins and hacks).

A few days ago I started working on a project called "moovie.js", which is basically a standard HTML5 video, that allows you to adjust the offset manually in real time and has full support for .vtt and .srt caption files.

The goal is to keep all the standard features of a native player but with a little bit of magic :P

Im still working on it, but you can see the progress here:

Github: moovie.js

I hope it is useful for someone, feel free to use it! : D

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Mike Ridgway

I was asked by Khan Academy to be in charge of their YouTube captioning for a time and got motivated to find an easier way for our volunteers to create captions. I am more of an app designer than I am a programmer but so that my ideas wouldn't just be vaporware, I've done my best to build a prototype for what I was thinking and now people all around the world are using my tools. Might you be open to some kind of collaboration?

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Bruno Vieira • Edited

Hey, amazing tools you have done!
I appreciate the invite, Email me (edited & removed) and tell me more details about it.

Thank you!

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Akhand Patel

That's actually great... I often stream videos from my drive and drive has a shitty subtitle support. I use a firefox extension to manually add subtitles to it. You can take a look at it.