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Bobby Iliev
Bobby Iliev

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Introduction to Bash Scripting - A DO Hackathon Submission

What I built

I created a website to showcase the open-source eBook 📘 that I wrote a couple of weeks ago.

The website was built with TailwindCSS and Tails 🌪.

The website also includes an interactive training section based on Katacoda where you could run commands on a fully functional Bash terminal directly in your browser!

You can follow the interactive training online here:

Introduction to Bash Scripting Interactive training

Category Submission:

Personal Site 👋

App Link


Introduction to bash scripting

Introduction to bash scripting 2

Introduction to bash scripting 3

Introduction to bash scripting 4


This is a website to showcase the open-source introduction to Bash scripting guide/ebook which will help you learn the basics of Bash scripting and start writing awesome Bash scripts that will help you automate your daily SysOps, DevOps, and Dev tasks. No matter if you are a DevOps/SysOps engineer, developer, or just a Linux enthusiast, you can use Bash scripts to combine different Linux commands and automate boring and repetitive daily tasks, so that you can focus on more productive and fun things.

The guide is suitable for anyone working as a developer, system administrator, or a DevOps engineer and wants to learn the basics of Bash scripting.

Link to Source Code

Permissive License

MIT License


I wrote the Introduction to Bash scripting opensource guide/eBook and I wanted it to reach more people and help them expand their Bash scripting knowledge!

I also wanted to add an interactive training so that people could run the bash scripts and other examples from the book directly in their browser, so I achieved that thanks to Katacoda!

How I built it

I wanted to learn more about TailwindCSS and I went through the "Beginner Tailwind" Course. After that thanks to the awesome Tails components, I was able to quickly put together the website!

I've been working as a DevOps engineer for a long time now and I know that building a full CI/CD pipeline requires a lot of skills and time. I'm truly amazed every time I use the DigitalOcean App Platform and the simplicity it brings to the whole CI/CD process. 🙌

Additional Resources/Info

  • The PDF generator: Ibis
  • Book Cover was created with: Canva
  • Website was built with: Tails
  • Interactive training is based on: Katacoda

Top comments (11)

raddevus profile image

That's a great interactive tutorial web site. Very cool. I really like the low barrier to entry on the site : no need to login, just get started using it. I've just completed my entry to the #dohackathon and when I designed my app I decided to have that same low barrier to entry so that a person could just start using my app. Mine is a work accomplishment tracker. I hope you'll check it out. Keep up the great work on your tutorial site very cool.

bobbyiliev profile image
Bobby Iliev Author

Thanks for the nice feedback! 🙌

Awesome submission on your side too! I love the great post that you've added as well! Good luck!

raddevus profile image

Thanks a lot for checking out my article and app. I really appreciate it. And thanks for the kind comments. That's what keeps us going when we get stuck on things, isn't it? Good luck in the hackathon.

waylonwalker profile image
Waylon Walker • Edited on

That is a beautiful book ✨.

What a great beginner/reference guide. I will definitely be sharing this with my team whenever there are bash questions crop up.

bobbyiliev profile image
Bobby Iliev Author

Thank you for the nice feedback! I hope that this helps your team! 🙌

meleu profile image

Dude! This is freaking awesome!

Thanks for sharing! I hope to find some time to create something similar in my native language (Portuguese).

bobbyiliev profile image
Bobby Iliev Author

Hey! Thanks for the nice feedback!

That would be awesome! It would be amazing if you had the time to submit a PR with Portuguese translation 🤩

bam92 profile image
Abel Lifaefi Mbula

It's just awesome, I really appreciate your submission.

bobbyiliev profile image
Bobby Iliev Author

Thank you Abel 🙏 really appreciate your feedback!

neocris profile image

well done, nice job. tails website says it's not available yet, are you using some kind of beta-program version or just the previous tailwindcss components?

bobbyiliev profile image
Bobby Iliev Author

Hey 👋
Thanks for the nice feedback! Yes I got access to the beta version! It is looking super great so far. I believe that it should be available soon so I could suggest keeping an eye on the site or signing up to be notified when it gets released.

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