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Bobo Brussels
Bobo Brussels

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What are the best cross-platform mobile development options *today*.

These frameworks and platforms are of various maturity levels, what would you say the best options are today? Do you anticipate that changing?

I tagged a couple options I know of, but I'd love to hear about others!

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Lucca Prado

Well, i'm not a expert in mobile development (actually, almost the opposite of that lol) but In my opinion, Flutter, Reactive Native, Ionic (+ capacitor) are the best.

I'm really hoping that Kotlin Multiplatform get mature enough in the future.

But I saw that there still some community around Xamarin and I'm hoping that NativeScript get popular. Anyways, I was researching about that some weeks ago to decide what I'm learning to do some applications (I chose Ionic + angular as this will make me learn angular for web too)

ignas_bagdonas_4ef623ee22 profile image
Ignas Bagdonas

Actually it depends what you want to build. If you need only nice crud application then flutter or reactnative works very well. If you need more native feel, native UX and lower level features like bluetooth, vpn, etc, then Xamarin is way to go. Xamarin actually use native components under the hood, but Xamarin is hard to learn and much native knowledge required framework, I would say.

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Muhammad Uzair

not a mobile dev, but I'll vote for Flutter (even though I am JavaScript dev :D)

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Shai Almog

Don't know about today but I co-created Codename One which I think still has advantages over pretty much anything if you like Java/Kotlin and WORA.

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Andrew Baisden

I still think React Native and Flutter are the top 2.

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Ushieru Kokoran

Flutter if you come from Java or C family. React Native if you come from Js or react.

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Flutter Is the best option now.