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A Letter from the Boost Note Team


Today, renewal of the Boost Note has been officially launched!

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Since we launched the first version of Boost Note in 3 years ago, there have been both ups and downs.

The greatest of these ups is that we gained more than 600k of beloved Boost Note users; and as an open source project, we’re creating Boost Note together with every single of you from all over the world.

I can’t thank those who have contributed to Boost Note enough, we are really grateful for this.
At the end of this post, I will introduce almost 100 people who contributed recently.

The major down happened right after we released the first version of Boost Note, when all the members left and I was the only one remaining on the team.

Although it was really a hard time for me, many contributors helped Boost Note and me. Boost Note could never come this far without your support. I will never ever forget what you all did.

This experience has strongly bonded us to our corporate mission. Our mission is ‘to empower creators by realizing the standards of tomorrow’.

Lately, you have been hearing that technology replaces more and more jobs.
I think the programmer will be the protagonist in this new era, so we believe you are the most important creators.

I would like to empower even more all the talented developers out there, like our helpful Boost Note contributors, and make this world a better place together.

From now on

Mobile App of Boost Note(iOS/Android) will be released by the end of January! The original plan was to release before 2019 ends, my apologies for not being able to meet this deadline.

In addition, we’ll also launch the team version of Boost Note. If you are interested to try it out, please sign up here and I will invite you!

The goodie campaign

At same time as the Mobile App launch we will start a campaign in which you can get your hands on some Boost Note goodies. You will receive these rewards for free if you write an article about Boost Note and share it on your SNS!

We’ll send you two stickers(old and new logos) and a webcam cover
*This offer is limited to the first 100 applicants!

We’re waiting for you to apply! application form


To our proud contributors

We received tons of contributions on the old Boostnote.
We really want to thank all of you in face to face, but sorry it ended up being written here. Thank you with all my heart!


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