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Automate your knowledge sharing using 2,000+ integrations

What is Boost Hub?

Boost Hub is the workspace app for developer teams. If you want to find a markdown wiki with realtime editing, this will be a perfect choice.

  • Real-time Coauthoring
    Write and edit documents as a team and sharing your knowledge and ideas in real-time. No one will be left behind.

  • Create Diagrams Like a Pro
    Supports Charts.js, Mermaid, and PlantUML, which means you can put diagrams in your document.

  • Beautiful Mathematical Script
    For clean representation of maths equations it is time to use LaTex in the Boost Hub editor.

Automate the knowledge sharing

Today, we are thrilled to launch the knowledge sharing automation thorough integration with over 2,000 external tools.


It empowers your team to create a knowledge-sharing workflow, and allowing everyone to turn their personal knowledge into the team knowledge.

How to enable set the Boost Hub integrations.

Wiki tools = Leaky bucket

The problem of existing wiki tools is that only the decision ("What") is summarized. We never know the process ("Why") behind that decision.

"Why" is the most important internal knowledge because it is the part that includes the knowledge, experience and wisdom of your past and present teammates (and you!). Other wiki tools don't provide a workflow that brings the process of decision-making together.

Solving this situation is the biggest motivation for today's update - 2,000+ integrations and stepping towards empowering you to summarize the processes ("Why") of the decision making ("What") automatically.

Gather the internal knowledge that has been scattered in various places or spilled out in the middle of a discussion, then build a workflow so that an individual's knowledge becomes the team's knowledge.

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