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File system based storage has finally shipped to Boost Note

File system based storage

We've released v0.7.0 with File System based storage support on July 1st.

Every note and attachment is stored as a single file so you will be able to access all data directly via any applications and share it via conventional file cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox and iCloud.

To know more, please check this article!

Update notes v0.7.0 and next roadmap

Boost Note for Teams

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Also, we've revealed a new collaboration wiki service called BoostHub.

It will be a collaboration version of Boost Note but much more powerful. The feature, called "Custom Blocks", will let you make custom react components, integrated with various 3rd party app apis like GitHub and Trello, and embed them into markdown contents like MDX.

To know more, please check this slide.

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