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Reprogram Your Mindset

Coming into learning with false notions can make the task harder. On my journey to leveling up, these were a few things I needed to reprogram in my own mind:

  • programming should be easy → programming is not easy
  • mistakes are fatal → there are no bad mistakes
  • there is no place for emotions in learning → embrace your emotions

Letting go of harmful assumptions

I needed to let go of the idea that programming was easy and that I should understand programming concepts straightaway.

Learning in general is an effortful, challenging task. If you believe programming should be easy, then every time it is not easy, you may come to the conclusion that it implies you are not capable of programming or that you are the problem. The truth is, programming is not easy and you are capable of programming, but like any kind of learning, there will be challenging days and that is to be expected.

Reframing my relationship to failure

Before babies can walk, they crawl. And part of that process includes falling down, getting hurt, and then getting back up again.

You will inevitably run into hurdles as you pursue your programming ambitions. Every time you run into a hurdle, know that you are not failing.

Any challenge is simply an opportunity to grow. So next time you make a programming "mistake", remember: there are no mistakes, just happy accidents.

Embracing my emotions

Before we are programmers, we are people with emotions.

As you embark on our journey of leveling up, you will encounter frustrating days of learning. The key is to acknowledge those feelings, whether they be feelings of frustration, overwhelm, stress, or powerlessness, before they turn into hopelessness and burnout.

In order to become the best programmer you can be, it is important to reflect on your mindset and reprogram it if you need to.

These are three points you can keep in mind:

  1. Let go of assumptions that may harm you
  2. Reframe your relationship to failure
  3. Embrace your emotions

As always, please share your thoughts, I would love to hear them.

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