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Why is the Django Framework Suitable for Web Development?

Choosing a web development framework is challenging. But for most companies, the Django web framework is a popular choice. It is versatile, powerful, and supports Machine Learning development. A Django web development company builds scalable applications for enterprises of all shapes and sizes.

The Django framework architecture is based on Python - the multi-purpose programming language. The primary purpose of Django development is to achieve scalability and flexibility while building web applications.

Django web development framework is perfect for complex data-driven websites. It’s architecture and libraries support high-level computation and statistical algorithm development. Therefore, most Django developers are versatile - they can build a web application and work with scientific programming.

benefits of Django Web Framework

Why is the Django Web Framework becoming popular?

Django has more pros than cons. However, the primary reasons for its popularity are simplicity and Python. Most companies in need of application development are opting for Python development services. Because of Django’s diverse operability, it is the obvious choice for complicated and high-end applications.

Do you know who uses it? Some of the Django framework examples include YouTube, Google, Dropbox, Quora, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, amongst hundreds of others. Usually, Python developers work with Django and scale applications as they progress.

Django development can scale your business to new heights. Read this definitive guide to Django framework for your business and how it helps to build powerful web apps.

7 Reasons Django Framework is the Best for Web Development

Django projects are hugely successful. Combined with agile project management, Python development with Django is a swift experience. However, there’s more than flexibility to the Django web framework.

Here are 7 reasons that make Django framework the best for web development:-

Django uses Python

  • Probably one of the biggest pros of Django projects is that they use Python. The robust, readable, and simple programming language is the powerhouse of millions of web applications all over the world.

  • Python can take care of almost all the programming tasks and issues. The Django framework architecture complements Python extremely well and doesn’t require much hassle while coding.

  • Being a multi-paradigm, object-oriented programming language, Python makes handling the code easier across different platforms. Django web development framework runs smoothly with Python libraries and takes less time to code.

Checkout Pros and Cons of Django Web Framework

MVT architecture

  • Unlike Ruby on Rails, which focuses on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, the Django framework architecture focuses on MVT (Model-View-Template). Because Django has a powerful template engine, Python developers prefer to use MVT instead of MVC.

  • Model contains information about your data and holds its attributes. It includes business logic, custom methods and allows developers to read, update, and delete objects.

  • A view accepts HTTP requests, applies the logic provided by classes and methods, and provides the HTTP response to client requests.

  • The template enables Django to accomplish tasks like rendering data. It is usually there for the presentation of data and doesn’t hold any business logic.

Feature-rich framework

  • Whatever feature you want in your application, you can build it using Django web development. It works on the “batteries-included philosophy” of Python - offering all the essentials pre-built to develop high-functioning and robust applications.

  • On top of that, Django has more than 4000 packages that cover debugging, profiling, testing, and other features. You can add authentication and much more with Django packages.

  • The Django web framework offers tools and packages for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. From scientific programming to data analysis, Django developers can work on various applications with the framework.

Diverse applications

  • Django has uses in a wide variety of industries. Python web development with Django assists in the development of applications for big and small enterprises, agencies, companies, and more.

  • An expert Django web development company can use the framework to develop content management systems, client relationship management systems, enterprise dashboard application, ticketing and booking engines, communication platforms, document processing application, and much more.

  • There are Django framework examples in industries like social networking, entertainment, media & publication, data management, and many more. Generally, Django web development is suitable for apps that work primarily with data.

Secure web development

  • Django developers admire the security that the framework offers while building web applications. It is one of the best in-built security systems that allow developers to easily avoid common security threats that may damage the system.

  • Django framework Python has security features like clickjacking, cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and much more. Since it works on Python, Django has powerful protection against vulnerabilities.

  • On top of that, new security patches and updates are frequently introduced to fight against new threats and potential risks. This keeps enterprises web applications safe from malicious attacks.

DevOps compatibility

  • Managers can execute Django projects with the help of DevOps. Django developers can shorten the web application development lifecycle using the DevOps implementation methodology. Complicated applications require continuous modification, and Django allows developers to achieve that by using DevOps.

  • DevOps allows developers to build rapid applications with better support for performance and operations. It focuses on continuous deployment, testing, and delivery to maintain quality in every development cycle.

  • On top of that, combining DevOps with the Django web framework is a good sign for project managers as it leads to better collaboration. DevOps and Django are also known to increase the productivity of developers.

Growing community

  • Another advantage of the Django web development framework is its growing community. It is becoming widely popular, and more developers are joining the community. They provide quick support for any problems that may occur.

  • If your Python programmers face any problem while writing code for a feature, the chances are that a fellow Django expert has already built a plugin for that. Developers can collaborate with each other on different projects and provide solutions for every issue.

  • There is enough documentation and training material available to assist everyone with their queries. You can learn Django and get help from the community during implementation.

Ruby on Rails vs Django is a hot topic of debate right now. Read this article to know the comprehensive guidelines for Django vs Rails.

Conclusion: Django is the Future of Web Development

While Ruby on Rails, Laravel, and others still prevail, the Django framework is on its way to becoming the preferred web development platform. Enterprises, big or small, are leveraging data to achieve better business outcomes. Django is clearly the winner when it comes to data-driven websites.

Companies are also looking forward to Django because of their scalability capabilities. Enterprise web apps and consumer-focused websites need to handle thousands of requests at once - and Django is the framework that can smoothly execute that.

Overall, the Django framework for web development seems like the right choice for applications in the coming years. AI and ML apps will also massively benefit from the framework. Let’s see if Django will take over the web development industry or not.

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