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Top 5 Game Engines

Top 5 Game Engines


Godot is an open source cross platform 2D and 3D game engine. It has visual scripting and its own python like language called gdscript. It also supports C# and C++. Godot is based on the node system(tree like structure), which makes it easy to make games. in my opinion it is the easiest engine to get started with if you want to make 2d games like super mario, zelda etc..
link to Godot engine :


Unity is a powerful 2D and 3D game engine, it has been the main requirement for mobile publishers, most mobile games from top publishers are built using unity. you can also build amazing 3D games with very high graphics and lighting. it is free to get started with. it has multiple membership programs it you want to remove the unity splash screen, and if you make more than 100k, check unity pricing for more details. it also has a unity asset store where you can get a lot of free assets, tools, and plugins to get started with since it's almost the standard game engine for mobile as described above you can find a lot of tutorials about it on youtube or check the unity official learning platform (unity learn). in my opinion it is the best engine if you are targeting mobile games
link to Unity engine :

Unreal Engine

Unreal engine is the most powerful 3d game engine, it's known to be the most successful game engine too. most popular games are built with unreal engine including fortnite and pubg. it also has its own asset store, where you can get a lot of free stuff, unreal is free with all its features, they charge you 5% after reaching 1million dollars, it also has its own online services. in my opinion it is the best when it comes to high graphics pc games including fps, rpg, platformer games. thus it is also good for mobile but I do recommand godot and unity for mobile
link to Unreal engine :

Amazon Lumberyard

It is a free 3d game engine made by amazon, it has native integration with twitch features and amazon web service and cloud in my opinion it is the best if you want to include AWS really fast into your games, but if you want to make mobile games I recommand godot or unity
link to Amazon Lumberyard :


is a free 3d game engine with no royalities or hidden fees, it supports exporting to xbox, playstation, windows and oculus rift. it has amazing graphics and owned by crytek in my opinion it is good for pc games, and if you are looking for a totally free engine, but I do recommand unreal for 3d over it and godot/unity for 2d and mobile games.
link to CryEngine :


if you are a beginner and don't know where to get started, I totally recommand godot engine. if you want a more robust game engine with lots of tutorials and docs you should definetily use unity if you are targeting pc gamers with high graphics games, I recommand unreal engine personally I am not a fan of Amazon Lumberyard and CryEngine but you absolutely can give them a try. in my opinion those are the best game engines but at the end it is a matter of preference.

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Kristy Ovchar

Yes, it really is. Game engines are the backbone of any game development project and can make or break a game. With the best game engines, developers can create stunning visual effects, immersive soundscapes, and complex game mechanics that keep players engaged.