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Are you tired of the "new" internet yet? Time to Get the Old Net.

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Going back in time has its own fun. Things we had done in the past and built over time is amazing. Computers were big and heavy, the internet was expensive, a new world opens for people like us and we all started exploring it. 💪

In today's day and age, UI/UX plays an important role in any website. How well it's designed, vectors, animations, typography and list can go on.

Before that, it was mostly reserved by geeks which valued information more than "form"/UX/beauty(irrelevant pictures, vectors).

Today, I stumbled upon the website on Hacker News, which will go back in time and lets you explore the internet of that time, say 1994. It's https://theoldnet.com/.


Max you can go back in time to 1994 and continues till 2010.

Its logo is nostalgic too. Doesn't it?


As per their twitter handle,

"Are you tired of the "new" internet yet? Time to Get the Old Net"


Windows 95








They have listed most visited sites, which is quite helpful and it lands exactly what I was looking for. 🙌


How it actually works? 🤔

The Old Internet Again is an attempt to restore vintage web browsing on vintage computers.
It uses the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine API and a proxy that strips out any
incompatible javascript and stitches together as many links as it can.

They have even added legal documentation as well. https://theoldnet.com/documentation.html

If you like to add it in your blogs/websites, embed it using


<!-- The Old Net Embed Code -->
<a href="http://www.theoldnet.com/#frombadge" title="Are you tired of this new Internet yet? Time to Get TheOldNet!">
<img src="//theoldnet.com/images/theoldnetanim.gif" width="88" height="31">
<!-- End The Old Net Embed Code -->
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I have enjoyed using it and it brings back a lot of nostalgic moment. 💾

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Nostalgia... I feel like very old now.


Same here! Not much though 🤝