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Don't be scared of new things

Hello everybody! I've been doing a lot of things during this year and there's a couple I want to share with you!

Well, the first thing I want you to know is that during my last job I learned the basics of robotics and how to use arduino. AND IT WAS AWESOME! I was going to this amazing maker space where I could just let myself go and have fun doing all kinds of things. I even made a reindeer that could move its head, for Christmas!

During that time when I was living in a different city, I learned to not be scared of trying new things, even if I was a newbie in code. I was able to build: a reindeer and make it move, use a professional 3D printer, use a laser cutter, make arduino circuits and program things that I couldn't understand but I was doing it!

So, now I'm back home! I'll tell you all the stories later if you want to know. I'm getting ready for a new adventure that I think is gonna be one of the most exciting things in my life. Back home I don't have all the technology, tools and people to help me and teach me and save me, but even knowing that, HERE I GO!

With the help of my boyfriend we built a little solar robot, (it's a toy robot from a box, very cheap, and a perfect gift) and it felt great! Even if it was something extremely easy I went back to that maker space and I realized that I can go from small things and keep pushing with all the knowledge from these months. Also, my robot looks super cute.

Anyway, never stop learning and don't be scared of learning new things, if you want to try, you can do it!

Hugs&Husky love 馃惗

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