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Brenda Limón
Brenda Limón

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How to get out of the hole

Hello there!

Quite a long time without writing, sorry about that, a lot of things happened and I always write when...well when I feel good with myself, everything is okay now and I want to share with you the new adventure that I started.

I got a job! Yaiiiii!!!!!😃 my job is Club Coordinator in an NGO, Code Party, and I'm the teacher of amazing kids who want to learn about technology, in just one month I learned how to use a laser engraving machine, and also everything that I'm learning about coding I try to explain it to them, and it's funny, because you are on the same level than a little kid, and that's okay, I'm enjoying myself.

The truth is that two months ago I was really sad, feeling that the world was falling apart, I felt alone, I stopped learning, and I just wanted an advice. So I asked a girl who I follow in the tech world if she could give me some support words (I asked this by messenger at almost 12 am). The surprise was that she called me, she listened to me, she told me parts of her life to let me know that bad things happen to everyone and that we can't give up in our dreams. She gave me courage, and she told me "come to Mexico City, let's have some dinner, and let's start working together" at first I thought that she felt pity for me, but she told me that she knew the kind of person that I was, that even if we had never seen each other, she knew that I was the kind of person that she needed in Code Party.

So I went to meet her, and we started working since the first day, it's been a month since then, and two months since someone left, am I 100% okay? no, but I think the important thing is that we can't give up, we can be sad, we can cry, we can take a break, but we must not stay down.

A couple of days ago my t-shirt of arrived. I forgot that the team of sent me that amazing gift, and I realize that I have the support of all of you, and each one of you has all my support, I use my t-shirt during my code time and I'm back, I feel the energy like Goku doing a genkidama!!!

Teaching the kids how to code, animate, design etc. it's awesome, and I realize that the things that I can explain so easily are because I understand it perfectly, obviously, easy things at first, but it was the first class I ever gave and all my students got the information. A little girl designed for me a world of code where you can code your food and make it real, your house, car, and everything, it was so cute and close to reality.

I guess that sometimes life can punch you really hard, so much that you can't breathe, but it's just a moment, don't overthink it, look for something or someone who can help you, it's so easy to feel alone, but there's always someone there, it's a test, a chapter, a new beginning, let's go for it!

Thanks a lot for all the support and I'm right here if anyone wants to talk, doesn't matter about what. I'm back on the race!!!

Hugs&Husky love!

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_bigblind profile image
Frederik 👨‍💻➡️🌐 Creemers

Knowing that you're not alone is so incredibly important, and honestly, I think it can be the internet's greatest strength that we meet so many people, so we can discover others who are going through the same of similar struggles, and exchange support.

gypsydave5 profile image
David Wickes

at first I thought that she felt pity for me, but she told me that she knew the kind of person that I was, that even if we had never seen each other, she knew that I was the kind of person that she needed in Code Party.

This spoke to me. I think, so often when we're depressed, we can see all acts of kindness and solidarity as being 'pity'. It's hard to realize that someone else can see your value when you can't.

Keep it up!

jaimetrejo profile image
Jaime Trejo

Congrats Brenda! I also lost my motivation for a while and my friends, family and strangers have brought out something within me once again. For me it was about eight months being like that and it feels nice to be somewhat more "me".

Keep up the hard work!

himankbhalla profile image

we can be sad, we can cry, we can take a break, but we must not stay down. Nice one. I have got another one for you. It goes "you never know how strong you are.. until being strong is the only choice you have. All the best!!

nicostar26 profile image
Nicole Saunders 💻🌹

Congrats Brenda! I know the feeling all too well. I'm in a spot right now where I'm trying really hard to keep things from falling apart. It's good to know that we're not alone!

brendalimon profile image
Brenda Limón

Dear Nicole, we are here for you and help you, try your best and if it doesn’t work, start again, I send you a huge hug 🤗

nicostar26 profile image
Nicole Saunders 💻🌹

Thanks so much for your encouragement and inspiring story! Coding is my heart so I don't think I could stop if I wanted to. :)

hawkinjs profile image
Josh Hawkins

That’s super awesome you’ve made that connection and are doing better now and have a fun new job. Life can be tough, but it’s people like them that keep us all in it together. Stoked for you! Hang in there, but best of luck on all the new and exciting things in your life! 🙌😁

lynnewritescode profile image
Lynne Finnigan

That's great news, it sounds like things are falling into place for you. The job itself sounds very fulfilling, as you are learning and helping people at the same time :) I'm glad you're back on it!

juliatorrejon profile image
Julia Torrejón

This is very inspiring! It's hard to get out of the hole but with one small step at a time, it's completely possible! Congrats Brenda! 😊

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