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Engagement is not an act, but a habit

Disengaged and burned out employees cost companies every year billions of dollars and can highly affect the success of the business or even result in its failure. Every employer knows that motivated and committed team values nowadays more than ever. Yet engagement does not equal to employees' satisfaction or their happiness since someone can come to work every day with a big grin on their face, yet it does not have to mean they work productively on the behalf of the organisation. Someone can be also satisfied with their job, but coming across another offer, will quit it as quickly as one-day notice takes. So engagement is definitely something more than enthusiasm or satisfaction.


Engagement is an emotional commitment to our work. If we are engaged, we feel that we are an integral part of the organisation and we believe that the company’s goals are our goals. Understanding our vital role in the growth and development of company is in fact the half of success. When we are engaged, we are willing to make an extra effort without being asked. We are convinced that our job makes a difference and we can go this extra mile for a better company’s performance or reputation.

Engagement indeed should be regarded as an investment by which we can increase our productivity, profitability and quality. I would dare to say that this is a serious competitive advantage on the nowadays market on which employees change their jobs every second a new opportunity arises. How can we boost our engagement? By concentrating on developing our strengths. Each of us has a unique potential which goes far beyond our job description. Why not use it and make the best of it? Good management of our team’s talents and knowledge can be a great means of building a strong successful business. Employees who use their strengths every day, perform better and are much more absorbed in their work.

According to Gallup’s research we are facing an engagement crisis with only 13% employees all over the world admitting they are engaged in their work. Happily, I am lucky enough to be among these 13%. But if I weren’t, I would definitely start wondering whether everything is fine with me. My advice for disentangled ones? Think positively and have an open mind. And always be around people that take care about their own (and their company) goals.

Originally published at on October 13, 2017.

By Urszula Stankiewicz, Social Media & Employer Branding Girl @ Bright Inventions
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