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Brijrajsinh parmar
Brijrajsinh parmar

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11 years Windows user switches to Linux.

I am an IT student with diploma in computer engineering and currently perusing my bachelors, I have been using windows from the day i saw a computer for the first time in my life.

i was a windows user for 11 years, recently switched to Linux Mint..
my experience was mixed.

The Good.

  • the way WIFI connects within seconds contrary to windows make me literally drool. like some times my laptop would be in sleep the whole night and as soon at i wake it in the morning it already would be connected to the WIFI on the contrary windows takes 69 years to connect
  • software installation process with terminal was super straight forward, i loved it.
  • your imagination is the limit when it comes to customization
  • UI is ❤️😩 (or maybe windows UI is just too shitty)

The Bad

  • No Photoshop, No Office, No Vegas Pro yes there are alternatives, like libreoffice, Gimph.. i hate them, they suck. libreoffice works but best of luck with the formatting of files your friend sent you
  • random freezes, my laptop used to just freeze, nothing worked... tried everything under the sun to recover from this stuck phase and preventing it, even mad it to mint forums, nothing... only solution once there was to hard reboot.
  • poor software updates, third party software updates matter because the come baring bug fixes, third party software like slack, quickdock, even whatsaap for desktop, all plagued with bugs.
  • this one is not that significant but the booting time in Linux was a bit higher than the windows counterpart, not that noticeable in the long run but coming from windows immediately it caught my attention.

anywho, i came back into loving arms of windows in about two months into my Linux journey, do i regret it, No.
would i install Linux again, No.
do i feel line one os is superior than other, No.

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A project exists to install Photoshop on Linux (I didn't test it though):

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Brijrajsinh parmar

i did try it, unfortunately it's unusable.
i was fairly optimistic installing it but turned out everything is glitchy.