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Santosh Bhandari
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What keeps you motivated ??

  • Over 6 years of programming knowledge
  • tranformed form complete noob to not a noob anymore
  • 20+ projects started (double or triple the count if rewrites are allowed)
  • But the end result, No successful project till date!

The journey of over 6 years of programming has really been fun. I learnt so so so many new stuffs and improved myself a lot. But when I look back at the successful achievements of mine, I see nothing to be shown.

I really am proud of what I have learnt, but there definitely is something missing because of which there is no actual outcome. I never have reached the completion stage for any project because I get demotivated by various factors. But the cycle goes on I do get back to them and make minor progress, and leave it back again.

I really would love to know what keeps you guys motivated, maybe I can learn something from you guys that will keep me motivated as well ??

Sharing experiences is the best way to help other grow ❤️

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Pankaj Tanwar

I was at the same stage as yours 2 years back. Frustrated, demotivated, alone and depressed. I had no goals. I couraged myself for doing an internship with a small start-up. It proved the best decision of my life. After internship I started doing free project for locals. Looked around and accepted all projects that I could get to keep myself busy. I kept on learning new skills and building projects. I felt the need of an online Placement portal for my college students as for each company visiting our campus for recruitment, students had to fill his personal details, resume, CGPA , branch etc again and again. So, I spent my whole summer to built one. It gives me so much of motivation when I receive appreciation from my my fellow mates, juniors, professors for this. This month I am graduating from MNIT Jaipur with a portfolio of more then 15 freelancing projects and happy that I could make a difference in someone's life using my skills.

Help others, never give up. You will get what you deserve.

My favourite quote - A year from now, you may wish you had started today.

Good luck man. Your problems are smaller then you.

Sorry for the long comment :)

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Santosh Bhandari

Well that actually is something awesome to hear from someone who has faced similar situations.

I clearly get what you mean. And longer the comments, longer the communication. And yeah your story has got a new energy in me ❤️

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We're just humans, no matter what we say to ourselves there's always a tendecy to question our selves, to campare our self to others etc.. and this is good sign, self evaluation is healthy, too much can lead to inactivity "analysis paralysis" some would say.

Whenever we feel this way, we should go back to our goals, we strenghten our weakness (which we know exactly what) we do continue to improve ourself knowing that we could deliver quality work that might other people need.

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Swastik Baranwal

Hey! What you have done in these 6 years aren't in vain. You are just having imposter syndrome and get some fresh air or mediate. It helps trust me, I have gone through this a lot and it happens to everyone.

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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Santosh Bhandari

Thanks for your wise words ❤️