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programming language comparison sites (5 Part Series)

1) RosettaCode - see how other programmers do it 2) PLEAC - another good language comparison site 3) 99 Bottles of Beer and the Wayback Machine 4) Code Codex - an algorithm bank 5) Programming Idioms

I was looking for a binary search algorithm in BASIC: I'm trying to solve my RosettaCode task in QB64 and that part of my programmer brain hasn't seen much work lately.

At the end of a Google Search I came upon Code Codex. Unlike RosettaCode, CodeCodex

is a wiki for finding and improving code. Stop reinventing the wheel. Use CodeCodex to:

  • Browse and use pre-written code.
  • Learn new algorithms and methods for common programming tasks.
  • Use code in your own projects and submit new code for the community.
  • Improve performance of code in the repository and the organization of the library.

They welcome users and contributors. It's helped me!

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