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Announcing Bunzz's new series of Smart Contract Modules.

Dear blockchain developer,

We are excited to announce our new series of Smart Contract Modules available in Bunzz. These contract modules cover different web3 use cases and make your Dapp development process easier and faster.

Today we’re gonna start with our new VestingWallet Module, created by CryptoFist.

With the VestingWallet contract you can create and manage only one vesting schedule. This contract is audited, it works on all EVM-chains and it’s available as OSS too.

You can access this Module here


By using the VestingWallet Module, developers can create their own vesting schedule.

It allows a different way to claim rewards by staking after a certain period of time.

This smart contract is helpful mainly for two purposes:

  • Keep token price and
  • Pay devs or investors.

Once implemented this smart contract allows you to put any token into a vesting schedule to distribute them later. The wallet owner sets and manages only one vesting schedule. In addition, this VestingWallet connects to the ERC20 contract.

How to use

  1. Deploy smart contract via Bunzz

  2. Set vesting token address by calling connectToOtherContracts function. (If you deploy this module and ERC20 at the same time, the connectToOtherContracts function is executed by Bunzz automatically)

  3. By calling createVestingSchedule function, it creates the vesting schedule. Before that, you should deposit a vesting token.

  4. If you think it’s not fair, you can revoke the vesting schedule anytime by calling the revokeVestingSchedule function.

  5. Beneficiaries will get released vesting tokens when someone calls release function.

Module Parameters

There are no arguments



  • Release
  • transferOwnership
  • renounceOwnership
  • revokeVestingSchedule
  • createVestingSchedule
  • emergencyWithdraw
  • connectToOtherContracts


  • vestedAmount
  • vestingToken
  • releasableAmount
  • paused
  • start
  • released
  • revocable
  • duration
  • owner
  • beneficiary
  • _vestingToken

You can access this Module and the code here

If you still haven’t signed up to Bunzz, what are you waiting for? Sign up here and get your smart contracts deployed in 5 minutes through our GUI.

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