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Want to compress your pdf files ?

Are you tired of scanning images and trying to shrink them under 25 mbs just so you can send them via email ? Look no further, I am here to save you from this trouble. (that kinda rhymed.)

This basic shell script uses ghostscript to compress your scanned pdfs significantly. Just yesterday I scanned 100 pages of documents and it was over 90 mbs. I searched for a way to compress them under 25 mbs and voila. Here I was with only 6 mbs of pdfs. Much wow. Such compression.

Why we need it,

  • Fast.
  • Ez.
  • No need to go online. Especially no need to upload company top-secret documents to any website you see on the Internet.
  • Possible huge compression without notable loss.

Command usage:

./ in.pdf out.pdf

Don't forget to install ghostscript.

If you are in a situation exactly like me where there are 100 pdf files under one folder that you want to compress altogether, a simple for loop will suffice.

import os
import subprocess
import sys

infolder = sys.argv[1]
outfolder = "compressed_" + infolder

for f in os.listdir(infolder):["./", os.path.join(infolder, f), os.path.join(outfolder, f)])
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Run this python script,

python pdfs/

and all of your pdfs will be put under compressed_pdfs/.

All the relevant details and more, inside. I humbly wanted to let you know such a useful tool exists.

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