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What you need is a pair of Crocs and a free workshop on static web apps

burkeholland profile image Burke Holland ・2 min read

Mark your calendar for the free Static Web Apps workshop on July 29th. No sign-up necessary.

The term "free" has long been one of the most searched terms on the internet. In March, that popularity shot up almost 25%.

Google trends for the term "free"

Most of that was for "free covid testing", which makes perfect sense. But 2 of the top 5 searches were "free crocs for healthcare" Yes. Crocs the shoes. Crocs was giving away free shoes to healthcare workers and have since extended that program to include essential workers.

That is awesome.

While I don't have any free shoes to offer you, what I do have is a completely free workshop to learn about Static Web Apps.

Static Web Apps Workshop

On July 29th, John Papa of Angular fame will be doing a full hour and half workshop teaching you how to build a shopping list application, complete with API and authentication. You'll also learn how to deploy it to the new Azure Static Web hosting platform, which is also free in preview.

Shop at Home app

That's two free things. There's no catch. You don't even have to sign up. Just mark your calendar for the upcoming Create : Frontend event and show up. We'll take care of the rest.

And if you own a pair of Crocs, wear them. If you don't, consider purchasing a pair. Not only are they helping those who need it in a big way, but they are a darn comfortable pair of shoes.

I'll be wearing mine. See you there.

My pink Crocs. Don't be jealous.


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Can we use Azure Static Web App with Azure to host my html files , Instead of GitHub ?


You have push your HTML files in GitHub repo and then use this repo to host app on Azure static web app.


Thanks, that I understood. But I don't want to use Github repo to store my files. Because it's not free for commercial purposes.

I think in preview version it only supports GitHub right now. In next release we may have support for other version controls.


My partner won't let me wear Crocs.


The Create Frontend session was good :) Great hands on workshop :) Appreciate 😄, Good idea by MS team, Developers will love it.


Anything but crocks will do.