I want to build a Job portal, what tools should i use?

buzzedison profile image Edison Ade ・1 min read

I am interested in building a job portal. What languages, database, headless cms should i use? Can i go full JAMSTACK?


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Whatever you're comfortable with is a good idea :D

The first step should be outlining features for your MVP. You might need a few static pages, a page with an ordered list of job offers, a page for the single job offer and probably a page so that the companies can enter/edit the offers and pay. What else?

Once you have your feature list you research if there are things you can't do with a "jamstack" site.

You might be able to build it with tools like static site generators and deploy on Netlify or use Stackbit plus a few APIs you can use from JS (one for the CMS/auth with something like Contentful and one for payment at least)


Thanks for your contribution. What do you think about Elastic search or Agolia to implement search ?

Want job search possibilities to be seamless and direct to what people want


I'm not sure Elastic can be used directly from JS, you should check if there are public offerings with a sdk on top.

Algolia has a JS client only sdk for search.

DEV search runs on Algolia so I know it's fine for this kind of usage...


Hi Edison,

You might want to use the #help tag or #explainlikeimfive to get more traction on this post πŸ˜‰


Thanks for the feedback.Will do.


I did a job portal for my final year project, i used Bootstrap for front-end and laravel for back-end