WTF does work-life balance mean to you?

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Work/life balance seems like a super nebulous term and I am wondering what it means to you on a day to day basis. How do you define work/life balance in your head? That phrase gets thrown around so much how do you conceptualize it...

And, two more questions to the community I am wondering about...

I've often noticed that if I am doing really "deep" work at work, it is satisfying... but I leave work just fried and it is hard to find the energy for hobbies and my personal life. Is that something you feel, and if so how are you trying to find the balance between doing great work but also leaving room for the other parts of your life from an energy perspective?

If you could snap your fingers and have the type of work/life balance that is perfect for where you are at in life, what would your week and year look like?

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It's hard to say, I can't just say it's the amount of hours you work (although that definitely has something to do with it). For example, even if you work relatively few hours but hate the work you're doing, it will be a terrible struggle and slog. If you're working long hours but perform 'deep' (I think this term refers to being able to get into a state of flow or the zone...) and satisfying work then it's not nearly as terrible. I think most importantly, you need to be able to leave work at work and pretty much forget about it.


Thanks Eugene, I am curious, is there anything you wish you could change about the way you have it balanced right now?

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