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Manual on how to become the worst programmer in the world

If you want to become the worst programmer in the world I strongly recommend reading those steps that have proven effective in the lives of some programmers.

Learn multiple languages ​​/ frameworks at once

If you want to become the programming guy learn 8 languages ​​and 5 frameworks at the same time.

Create complex jobs for crumbs

The best part of being the worst programmer in the world is to make a complex system and sell it for $25.

Discuss the best language/framework

Discussing with the classmates stating that React is better than angular is something that will bring you a great feeling, even because React solves all problems.

Do not use version control

You can use Google Drive to version your code. The best practice!

Are you in a team? Work alone!

Work alone, you do not have to depend on another person. Know that, "Want to make things happen, do it yourself".

Do not be proactive

Be proactive for what? Nothing will happen, everything will happen well!

Do not respect the Senior Developer

The Senior Developers do not know what you're talking about, that post you read on facebook made by a 17 year old who knows how to create a component in the react knows what he's talking about.

Don't have discipline

We become programmers to do whatever you want whenever you want and this is our world, get used to it!

Forget your mental and physical health

You need to stay only on the computer and not worry about your health. Getting out of the computer for a few hours to exercise may cost you money. Time is money, write it down!

Get away from the people you love

Study, work on the personal project, work on delivery of the project that is already for tomorrow. There is no time for people, but no problem because they will always be around.

And finally ... Write in a little manual of how
become the worst programmer in the world.

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Mahesh K

Lot of points can be argued in the article but yeah it;s a good reminder on some points.

bybruno profile image
Bruno A. • Edited

Thanks for the comment :D

labibllaca profile image

It was hilarious reading your article. This is really a good one. And nice strategy you've use xD . I see your point.)

bybruno profile image
Bruno A.

I'm glad you liked it :D

inrsaurabh profile image
Saurabh Ranjan

It was hilarious 😂.

Even I am doing one of them frequently 😭