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Create nice Readmes for your open source projects ✨

Creating good Readmes for your open source project is very important to get some popularity, stars, forks, and contributors. So today we are going to look at 2 ways to create beautiful Readmes.

1. Readme-md-generator

This CLI tool generates a great looking in a few minutes. To use this tool run-

npx readme-md-generator
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After running this command, it will ask you a bunch of questions for adding in the readme.

After you have answered all the questions it will create a file for you that looks like this-

Now you can edit and tweak it as per your need.

Quick hack

If you want to preview the readme directly hit ctrl + shift + V and it will show you a live preview.



If you want to build a more customized Readme, then this is a great tool built by @Katherine Peterson.


By just clicking some buttons and editing some text, I got a nice readme like this-

I hope you could make some nice Readmes for your open source projects with these amazing tools.

What tools do you use for making your Readme? Let me know in the comments 👇

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