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Incredible tools for web design.

1 - CSS Gradient ::

CSS gradient is an incredible tool that every front-end programmer should have. in it, you create a visual color gradient, and when you find one that you like, you can easily implement it in your code, with the good old Ctrl + c and Ctrl + v.

2 - Animista ::

If during the development process you need to make animations. Animalistic is the tool that will facilitate your development. It allows a preview of the animations and that changes all their values. when you're satisfied, the tool still gives you the code that allows this effect to happen

3 - ColorHunt ::

Color hunt is a mandatory site in the development of any site, many times I have seen myself with a second window open on that site during development. This site is responsible for showing several color palettes that make sense! And best of all with their respective hexadecimal codes.

4 - Pexels :: is the best way to get free images for your website. I recommend.

5 - Clippy ::

Clip-path is a CSS property that allows complex shapes to be made. This site addresses this property and helps with the code in the most diverse ways, with its preview you will achieve the most diverse effects. This property and this website are perfect for you to give a program a new look, or add the 10% of detail that takes a program from the ground to the sky.

6 - CSS Generator ::

This site will help you to create the most diverse CSS filters. It contains several functions and previews.

7 - ::

This site condenses some of the previous sites. Helping in web design by providing several functions and visual tools that helped in creating shadow and color animations.

8 - Normalize.css ::

Normalize.css is a small CSS file that helps your code consistency across multiple browsers, correcting bugs for some inconsistencies that exist between browsers. you as a web designer don't even notice that it's there, and that's great. Because it means that he is doing an important job for you.

9 - Voxel.css ::

A CSS library for 3D rendering !!! If you're like me, you're already excited about this concept. the desire to do a project with him just by listening to it. The possibilities vary from animations and games. Worth knowing.

10 - Blush :: creates beautiful illustrations, made by artists around the world. I'm sure you will recognize these illustrations, because they are being used by several marketing companies

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