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What if the recruiter refuses to give a range? // Live stream recording

Adam and I answer a question about what to do if the recruiter refuses to give you salary expectations or a range.

Recording from Candidate Planet's first ever Office Hours Ask-Me-Anything AND first audio appearance of the other half of DangoorMendel.

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Ryan Anderson • Edited

Thank you for the video.
NEVER accept a counteroffer. If you are chasing an increase in $$ from your current employer just ask, don't go surfing for another role them present an offer for company B, just for them to throw $$ at you. They may match or beat the $$, but they know you looked and the expectations may increase from company A.

Don't overthink the situation.

EVERY client has a budget and it is ALWAYS delivered to the recruiter.
Always know your market value and stay within a reasonable amount.
I present EVERY candidate with a $.

I typically send a 5K range starting above the "I need $".
NEVER jump from $70 - $100K.

I understand there is a lot of discovery to happen through the interview process and the role could be much different from what was introduced. Then we can discover what the "appropriate" number should be based upon fact finding in the interview.

IT is in high demand, use it to the advantage to get what you can, but do not blow the top off the market value.
I HOPE the recruiter you are working with is smart enough to work with you and mentor/guide you through the entire process. A good recruiter will tell you straight although it may not be what you want to hear.
Good luck!