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The 30 logos I did for Hacktoberfest

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Got to admit, I never did complete any Hacktoberfest before, I did tried many times, but contributing to the Open Source it was something only possible with Google Maps directions.

And despite many of my friends easily finished the challenge last year Iv’e decided just to hit the snooze button, and said to myself: “Oh well… NEXT YEAR!!”

Fast-forward to 2019 to this year’s month-long celebration…

Everyone is feeling pumped, the t-shirt looks dope, and I finally I wasn’t that scared of the “rituals of the Open Source”.

But still, where do I start?

OK, Many pages could help me find the issues tagged with #hacktoberfest. But I wanted to make something different than correcting typos or update documentation. So, why not logos?

At that point I already designed a bunch of the logos of some of Nuno Maduro’s projects, and I can’t say that it’s something that I didn't enjoy.

So I’ve decided to tweet this…


Is was something that I could easily get the 4 Pull Requests (PR) required to complete the challenge, but…

Instantly I’ve started receiving links and more links of projects craving for a brand new logo. So many that, to be fair to everyone I actually needed to write a code of conduct for the offer.

And quickly I created the first logo, then the second, then the third, and like that four logos were already done.
So in a day I’ve finished the required PRs but I’ve continue the offering and continue making a lot more. Check them out (can you spot yours?)

The logos Part I

The logos Part I

At the end I got a score of 4PRs+27, and designed 30 different logos.

Not counting the Tinkerwell icon or the NorthMeetsSouth rebranding.

Some logos were more challenging, others fun to make, and some not even get approved. But despite everything it was an awesome experience.

Thank you all.

And obviously, I could not forget that I even Eric Barnes helped me with a couple of logos during the hack.

Erics' Logos

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This is probably the most creative approach I've seen to Hacktoberfest! Bravo!

On top of that - all the logos look awesome! Love this so much! 💜


This is a really fun idea. A nice way to approach Hacktoberfest and to share with the open source community. Very neat!


What a great idea - well done! Make sure you showcase all of the logos you created on a portfolio or something :)

Also gutted I missed the opportunity to get one made for CodeTips!


Thanks for the compliment. Yes I need to compile it down somewhere.

About CodeTips, could this be a good thing to do again next year? 😉


Just let me know if you decide to do it again 😊


Awesome 👏 There are so many ways to contribute ❤️


Nice work, which tools you use to create logo ?


Thanks! Just plain old Illustrator for the initial design and then Photoshop to pixel-perfect the assets to production.