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Style console.log() like a PRO

Hello Devs,

In this blog I will guide you all through "HOW WE CAN STYLE CONSOLE.LOG() USING CSS"
I have made 12 different styles for you to make sure that you will not ended up with any confusions.

So without wasting any time lets get into this tutorial.

  1. Add %c before the text you want to style.
  2. Insert one more argument in the console log function with the style you want to apply.


1.Simple Console Log Shortcut for JS Objects with the defined color i.e #007acc
console.log("%cThis is my 1st style", "color: #007acc;", "CAPSCODE");

style 1 of console

2.JSON String Output
console.log('%cThis is my 2nd style', 'color: #007acc;', JSON.stringify({fname:'JOHN', lname:'DOE'}, null, "\t" ))

style 2 of console

3.Simple Console Log Shortcut for JS Objects - Green Text
console.log("%cThis is my 4th style", "color: #26bfa5;", foo);

style 3 of console

4.Simple Console Log Shortcut for JS Objects - Blue Background
console.log("%cThis is my 5th style", "color: white; background-color: #007acc;", foo);
style 4 of console

5.Simple Console Log Shortcut for JS Objects - Green Background
console.log("%cThis is my 6th style", "color: white; background-color: #26bfa5;", foo);
style 5 of console

6.Console logs -> Hello ${TM_FILENAME} line:${TM_LINE_NUMBER} on Green Background
console.log("%cThis is my 7th style", "background: green; color: white; display: block;");
style 6 of console

7.Find errors with style
console.log("%cThis is my 8th style", "color: red; display: block; width: 100%;", error);

style 7 of console

8.You need a Rainbow in your code
console.log("%c CapsCode!", "font-weight: bold; font-size: 50px;color: red; text-shadow: 3px 3px 0 rgb(217,31,38) , 6px 6px 0 rgb(226,91,14) , 9px 9px 0 rgb(245,221,8) , 12px 12px 0 rgb(5,148,68) , 15px 15px 0 rgb(2,135,206) , 18px 18px 0 rgb(4,77,145) , 21px 21px 0 rgb(42,21,113); margin-bottom: 12px; padding: 5%");
style 8 of console

9.Confused?! so put a this guy in your code.
console.log("%c ", "font-size: 1px; padding: 166.5px 250px; background-size: 500px 333px; background: no-repeat url(;");

style 9 of console

10.Simple Console Log Shorcut for JS Objects - Green Text
console.log("%c ", "font-size: 1px; padding: 240px 123.5px; background-size: 247px 480px; background: no-repeat url(;");

style 10 of console

11.Celebrate your code works!
console.log("%c ", "font-size: 1px; padding: 125px 125px; background-size: 250px 250px; background: no-repeat url(;")

style 11 of console

12.Coding GIF
console.log("%c ", "font-size: 1px; padding: 215px 385px; background-size: 770px 430px; background: no-repeat url(;");

style 12 of console

That all in this article, hope you all have enjoyed it.


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Top comments (6)

jfullerco profile image

If you need to console large arrays console.table() was a 🤯 moment for me.

capscode profile image

yes, you are absolutely correct.
But in post i have just made some FUN stuffs with console.log

grajghimire profile image
Ghimire Gaurav Raj • Edited

I went through the annoying signup process just to let you know, i don't want to style my console log, i use console log in the first place because i am already too lazy to use debugger.. For simpler things..

thesmartdeveloper profile image
Dhruv Bansal

This is not working out for me, no colors are showing up. Can you tell why?

capscode profile image

can you please send me the code which you are trying ?

web9ball profile image

Why is it showing "undefined"?