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Matheus Cardoso
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Translation, Multi-tenancy, and New Regions - Stream Chat Swift

In June 2020, Stream Chat's Swift SDK received three updates: 2.2.3, 2.2.4, and 2.2.5. These updates bring us further in the mission of providing high quality chat experience for iOS apps. Let's go through the highlights.

Message Translation

With this feature, introduced in 2.2.5, you can enable live translation of messages to and from a total of 55 languages. This is great feature for apps where speakers of different languages are expected to chat with each other.

We're excited to learn about the different ways automatic translation of messages will empower your apps!

For information on how to power your iOS chat app with translation, visit the docs.

Multi-tenant Chat

Also in 2.2.3, support for multi-tenants was added. This is an essential feature for businesses that provide their own chat service based on Stream Chat. For example, a team chat app such as Slack can use multi-tenancy to isolate the channels and messages between each workspace.

We're confident this feature will empower the next generation of productivity, healthcare, and education chat providers.

For instructions on enabling multi-tenancy for your iOS chat app, visit the documentation.

New Regions

As of 2.2.3, you can choose Singapore or Sidney as your server location to improve speed and reliability in the delivery of messages if your main user base falls in or closer to those regions.

We're happy to provide faster and more reliable service around the globe!

For information on hosting your iOS chat experience in different regions, see the documentation.

And more

Among these awesome features, there are other additions, improvements, and deprecations worth taking a quick look at.

Check out the full changelog on the Stream Chat Swift repository.

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