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Carles Miranda
Carles Miranda

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Which mac is good for developing?

I would love to start developing iOS applications, but at the same time I want to combine it with my work developing web pages (Laravel, Other PHP Frameworks, etc.).

I wanted to ask your opinion about which mac laptop you recommend for programming.

I hope I explained myself well, hahahaha.

Thanks in advance.

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Ben Sinclair

Any of them, depending on what you want to do.
With Macs, it's more about deciding whether you want a tiny screen because it's portable and you have a bigger monitor at home, or a bigger screen and a keyboard that a lot of people hate.

As far as processing ability goes, we development can be done on even the basic models.

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Heinek Halwin

It's better to get a pro machine because the MacBook air is underclocked, so it can't perform well. The pro version also has a better base clock and better turbo which will result in better performance.

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Pham Quang Truong

I use Macbook Pro 2015 full option