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Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez

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I've mastered Godot, here is my opinion:

Godot is an open-source game engine.

First of all, Godot for 3D isn't the best engine you can use, if you only want to make small 3D games, you'll probably be fine. However, Godot for 2d is (in my opinion) REALLY good.

·The scene and node system it has is really smart and easy to use.

·If you are a python dev and you can't find a really good game engine to make 2d games, this is what you need. Godot originally uses GDScript (even though you can use C# as well) and GDScript is really similar to python.

·If you use Godot you will become part of a huge and friendly open-source community.

·Lots of people say that Godot's community is not as strong as unity's or unreal's, making it more difficult to find answers for your doubts, which is in some part true.

·With 3 months or less of practising godot and it's tools, I've been able to land my first freelance job in Upwork, and that is a prove that Godot's community's is growing.

In conclusion, I think Godot is a really good engine for 2d games, has a fast-growing community, and is perfectly able to give you the chance to make beautiful games.

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