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Job offer for developers in Lisbon, PT

carlosmgspires profile image Carlos Pires ・1 min read

My team is expanding.
We are a Lisbon-based Scrum team working for an overseas company, developing revolutionary products for the gaming and sports betting industry, which will soon be in production across the World.
We are in urgent need of at least 1 backend and 3 frontend developers. Junior to senior. We use Javascript, Node, Angular, React, React Native, ionic, Redux, Java, Memcached, PHP, Symfony, RabbitMQ, MariaDB, Jenkins, and anything else that gets the job done.

We don't deploy on Fridays (usually...) and we don't do extra time (definitely!), unless it has to do with beer instead of code.

You must be located in Lisbon and you must be fluent in English, as you will be working in an international environment. You will be offered a proper full-time job offer with all the perks. This is NOT a freelance gig.

HTML bricklayers need not apply. Only developers with solid notions of current software development best practices, please.

Someone else is taking care of the recruitment process. I'm just trying to help. Please reply with a comment to the following LinkedIn post, so I can have all the replies in one place:

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Hey Carlos, I think this would fit best in the listings section.


Sure. Thanks for the heads-up. How do I do that?