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Gitkraken - Learn about

If you are a programmer or if you are just getting involved in all this, surely you have heard "Github" once. The thing is that programmers use Github to store libraries and control versions.

What is controlling versions?
If you are new to programming, this is what you must learn to do. In short, it is to make a backup or "commits".
This is very useful to fix bugs or add new features to your project.

Now, what is Gitkraken?
GitKraken is a powerful and elegant cross platform graphical interface for git.
Where we can keep complete track of our repositories, see branches, tags, create new, all the history of our work, commits etc

GitKraken is cross platform, therefore we can use it in windows, linux and mac os.
Has two plans, one free forever and another payment which offers much more functionality, an annual plan of $ 5 per month and another of $ 60 per year.

Why use Gitkraken?

  • Excellent interface design
  • Very fast
  • It integrates with Github very well
  • It has many keyboard shortcuts
  • Constant maintenance and bug fixes
  • The use is not complicated

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