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Make a Custom Pipe Desk Mount 📐💻

cassieview profile image Cassie Breviu Updated on ・3 min read

Here is a quick write up on how to create this desk setup:
Desk Completed Front
Desk Completed Back

Parts List for pipes

4 - 24" 3/4 pipes
1 - 24" 1 1/4 pipe
2 - 3/4 elbow connector
1 - 1 1/4 Tee connector
2 - 1 1/4 to 3/4 reducing connectors
2 - 3/4 base
1 - 1 1/4 base
12 - 1/4 bolts

plain pipes

Mount List and other desk tech

Build the pipe mount

  1. Measure your desk and see what size will work best for you. My desk was 30 by 60 so 24 inch pipes worked perfect!
  2. Assemble pipes and make sure they are level.
  3. Wash and sand the pipes before painting. I used dish soap and a sponge in the driveway. sanded and ready to paint
  4. Get spray paint that works for metal painted black painted pink Vesa Mount
  5. Let dry over night. Then measure to center on your desk. Dont mount directly on the back. This is a heavy mount!
  6. Bolt to desk. I used 2" bolts but depending on the thickness of your desk you may need different ones. mounted to desk

Have fun building and feel free to post questions below. I will try to update with more detail later but I wanted to get a parts list out there for people that are asking! 😊

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lytecyde profile image
Mik Seljamaa 🇪🇪

Would be so fab as a steampunk bronze and a vintage table

cassieview profile image
Cassie Breviu Author • Edited

Ok so I bought bronze spray point for that reason but everything else was pink and black and I decided the bronze would clash.... but I 100% agree and love the steampunk vibe it has!

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Wow how cool!!

cassieview profile image
Cassie Breviu Author

Thank you!! 😃

bondad profile image
John G

Saw this on Twitter and feeling very inspired by it, thank you!!

Question... does typing make the whole thing shake? Or is it pretty steady? I have a few similar things c-clamped to the back of my desk and sometimes things get a little shaky.

cassieview profile image
Cassie Breviu Author

No it doesn't really shake at all. The only time it really does is when I have to lift it up or down to change from sit to stand (I try to make myself stand most of the day though). The mic stand was kinda cheap and I guess that shakes a little. Everything else is super solid.

bondad profile image
John G

was hoping you'd say this. ok, time to go pipe shopping :)

Thread Thread
cassieview profile image
Cassie Breviu Author

Please post a pic when you are done! I would love to see it. :) Oh, and ask questions if you run into any issues. Here are some additional things to note:

  • I had fun trying to get mine level. Having a clamp and workshop table helps to tighten and level each leg of the mount.
  • The laptop vesa mount I took apart and had to reposition to get my laptop at the angle I wanted.
  • The vesa mount says for >1inch pipes but they work on the 3/4s pipes.
  • The pipes are greased so def wash them very well.

Most of the other details I will add later are more obvious if you have spent a little time woodworking/building. I need to add some of these details to the blog post still!

baxter1629 profile image
Rob Baxter

Very cool. What type of desk is it mounted on?

cassieview profile image
Cassie Breviu Author

It was on clearance at office depot a few years ago so I have no idea. I will say that its super heavy and a manual sit to stand desk (Meaning I physically lift it up and push it down). I like the desk but I probably would say do more research and get an electric one.