How do you negotiate salary for remote jobs?

cathodion profile image Dustin King ・1 min read

Particularly when where you live, where the company is, and [tech hub] are three different places, with different local salary ranges.


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It should be a mix of where the company is and where you live.

The area where the company is should be used to find out the budget they can have for a developer, which should be adapted to the cost of life of the remote developer.

I would rather have a remote job paying 80k in a small city than a SF job paying 150k for equivalent tasks, but another remote developer in a high cost of life area should expect more than this.


This may be a stupid question, but, for companies who base salary on location, does your salary change if you move?


In my experience, it does if you move a long-distance (such as switching country) or to a major city, but not if you move between two similar areas.


Should one expect the salary range to be anchored to the company's location, my own current location, or [tech_hub]?

What about casually mentioning that you plan to move to [tech_hub] at some point?