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Are you participating in GitHub's Game Off 2019?

cathyc93 profile image Cathy Casey-Richards ・1 min read

GitHub's annual game-focused hackathon, Game Off, is officially underway! This year's theme is Leaps and Bounds, which is open to interpretation and can be applied to many aspects of game design. The event runs throughout the entirety of November, with contributors being given the option to work on games individually or as a team.

Are you planning to participate? Do you have a game idea in mind? Let me know in the comments!


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sounds interesting can this be games written in js or php?


Sure, you can create a browser game with JavaScript.

I wrote an article that list some JavaScript game frameworks & libraries: dev.to/arnaudmorisset/an-overview-...

tl;dr: Take a look at PhaserJS. ;-)


Yep, I'm in.

I will try to build a simple platformer inspired by TV games like Ninja Warriors (with Godot Engine 3.2). We'll see if I succeed to complete a game this time. :)


I got excited with the ideia and immediately subscribed. It will be my first game jam and my first published game!!! I hope that I can make it through


Awesome!! You can do it! Good luck 😀