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Cameron Thompson
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My Hacktoberfest Repos

Hello everyone! 👋🏻

Hacktoberfest is here! I have a couple of repos that I am going to be working on during the month and welcome anyone to work on the project as well!

MongoDb, Express, Node.js Template

Repo Link
This template is designed to help kick start Node.js applications that use Express.js, MongoDB, and Passport.js. Currently the application is set up to use ejs as the view engine, but can be adapted to use React or any other frontend framework.

My Goals

Here are my goals for this project that I want to work on during the month

  • Make this an npm script to allow for easy installation (similar to npx create-react-app)
  • Have an option to template with React

Filament Hero

Repo Link
This is a new project of mine that helps those who use a 3d printer keep track of their filament usage as well as the parameters that made a print great or bad.

My Goals

  • Help users store their print settings, so they can keep track of them
  • Clean up the dashboard and how data is loaded, for speed

If you have any interest in any of these projects, please fork and work on it, I welcome any PR to be reviewed 😃

Happy Hacking! 💻

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lindellcarternyc profile image

Glad to see this. Hope to own my own soon

cdthomp1 profile image
Cameron Thompson

Keep up the good work, you got this!

nicolasbiondini profile image

That is a pretty good idea. I left my star to the repo, i will contribute later. Good luck!

r4e profile image
Richie Permana

Wow, very interesting. Guess I'll try to contribute my self later.