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Day 12 of #100DaysOfCode!

Christian Falucho
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Today's progress

Today I worked on Object.values()

What I learned

The Object.values() method returns an array of enumerable property values in the same order that the properties were manually given. Think of the the order similar to that of a for loop.

Let's take a better look at how this works with code.

let computers = ["MacBook Pro", "Dell XPS", "Lenovo", "Surface Pro"]
//output: ["MacBook Pro", "Dell XPS", "Lenovo", "Surface Pro"]

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With the above code we have an array of computers and then we use Object.values() and pass in the parameter computers. Next, when we do a console.log. You'll notice how it returns an array of the object's own enumerable property values.

Another example...
let books = {
    0: "Mindset",
    1: "Boundless",
    2: "48 Laws of Power"
//output: ["Mindset", "Boundless", "48 Laws of Power"]
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Here, we have an array like objects and when we use the method Object.values() on books it returns an array of enumerable property values.

In conclusion

The method Object.values() can be a great tool to return enumerable property values in an array.

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