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Christian Falucho
Christian Falucho

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Day 0 of #100DaysOfCode!

Let the adventure begin

Here I begin my #100DaysofCode challenge. I am excited to document and journal my journey on becoming a better front-end developer.

I first heard the phrase 100 days of Code on CodeNewbie podcast. Thank you Saron Yitbarek! Once, I learned about it. I was amazed to find out the growing community of developers blogging about their coding journey and all of the success stories of how it made them become better developers and how it has helped them gained useful habits to learn new technology or keep their skills up to date.

I figured if I wanted to become better at learning programming and gain some new habits. Then why not join in on the fun and blog my journey as well๐Ÿ˜.

For today's post I want to start off by creating goals of what I hope to gain from doing this challenge. This way, when I look back I will see what I have accomplished and need to continue working on. Overall, it will help me keep myself grounded and remind myself why i'm doing this.


  • code an hour a day
  • document what I coded
  • complete freeCodeCamp JavaScript
  • Be quicker to solve basic algorithms
  • read You Don't Know JS for 30 mins a day.

I am determined to complete my goals and even if I don't end up completing all my goals. I'll be happy to have developed good habits and learn as much as I can about JavaScript. So here's to new challenges and a new journey!

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Good luck man!

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Christian Falucho

Thank you!