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3 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Started Coding

Programming is not an easy career as some people will make as think. Day in,day out new technology is emerging. At the same time, a programming career is exciting.The question then is,what should I learn being surrounded with vast amount of information.

When I started as a programmer more than 3 years ago, I wish someone sat me down and told me everything on this list. This list can save any new programmer a lot of headaches and energy. This list can be the one you refer to as your programming career progresses.

Even if some of these points might not be relevant for you right now, one day you will see the wisdom in them. As a programmer, you are at the cusp of greatness.
You just have to venture on with a little bit of knowledge about your path.

1. Choosing a Language to learn is very Important.

What should I learn being surrounded with a vast amount of information?There are a multitude of programming languages out there. Each language has its strengths, its weaknesses, and situations in which it is best suited.

While your first language will almost certainly be the hardest to learn and many of the most basic fundamentals will be similar across languages (variables, iteration, etc), it is worth the time and effort to do some research and decide which language you want to start with.

What I will tell you as a friend is follow your interest?Use Google Trends to decide the kind of language to learn next.And also,don't go for the hottest and newest technology in the world.

Every technology is influence by how much the creators are willing to do the marketing.And also,what I will recommend seek expert advice in your location what is trending to decide what to learn next?It's good to seek advice from content creators but don't belief everything that they say. Do your own research.

2).Google is Your Friend, and You’ll Only Grow Closer

Unlike research, where you are inventing and creating new areas of knowledge, programming is all about applying existing knowledge. You don't need to memorize everything.Just understand how each pieces fit together.

Every single software engineer uses Google when he or she is stuck. This is not something that is done just as a beginner, nor is it something that goes away. As the Holy Bible say,there is nothing new under the sun.

Odds are, you are not the first person to have received whatever weird error message or bug you are facing, and with any luck, those before you have taken to StackOverflow or somewhere similar to get feedback and solve their problems.

Google for everything.I mean your career,yourself and everything.Just google for it.Don't be shy of googling.

3)You’ll Never Know Everything.

You don't need to know everything.Knowledge is not in one person head.Learn to ask and how to ask it and when to ask it is very important.Some people when you ask them something they will not mind you.Don't take it personal. It's human attitude.

This is in part because there’s simply way too much to know. But it’s also because what there is to know is always changing.

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