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I have currently have a blog where I post snippets of info around different web dev topics but I'd like to somewhere I can write and keep more detailed notes that I can refer back to when I inevitably forget.

I've tried gitbook which is good in way is it laid markdown supprt etc but limited without paying for it and ideally I want something I can host for free somewhere.

I came across vuepress as anything Vue based I'm interested in but I've struggled to get started with it but it seems it may fit what I'm after. As I'd like to be able to style it and have more control over it. My site/blog is built with Gridsome which is also Vue-based, but I wondered has anyone ever used the two together? As you can add Vuepress to an existing project but I think I need to tweak the vuepress config to be able to get it to work with gridsome....

Any thoughts or perhaps pointers on Vuepress would be much helpful.

Update: So I've tried on more tha one occasion with VuePress but Im struggling to get anywhere with it. It throws 404 the config doesn't seem to work despite setting up as shown in the docs... I've tried adding docs folder to my personal site but I think I'd rather keep it separate.

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Sebastian Schürmanns

You can try out the flat file cms which has been created for writing documentations with markdown. You can add custom css, create your own theme or add functionalities with plugins. It uses vue for the editor and you can add your own article-tabs with a plugin and a vue-component.

(I am the founder of typemill, so the recommendation might be a bit subjective ... :D )

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I'd had a brief look at this but not sure its really what I'm after I know nothing about PHP and you need to upliad files to web server I don't have that as I host on netlify. Thanks for the suggestions I might try it out at a later date.