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Difference between CLI and GUI

One of the key thing I observed was that there are NO hidden actions performed when using CLI where as in GUI, there might be some extra hiden actions will be performed which we are not aware off.

When using CLI, "we know what exactly we are doing" whereas in GUI, "we dont know what extra things happening in the background". One of the best example of this was using Sourcetree tool to commit code changes git repository.

Using CLI, to commit changes in git, there are two CLI commands, one is git add to add files and second one is git commit to add commit message.

When using GUI with Sourcetree, We just need to provide the commit message after selecting files.

GUI has the advantage of providing ease and simplicity to the customer. But as a developer or technical person, we should know what we are doing. My Suggestion is always prefer CLI and you never go to GUI until and unless you know what exactly what GUI tool is doing.

Happy Learning!!!

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