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I (definitely) need some help

Charles Willian
I'm a program newbie trying to find my place in the world
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Hey guys, this my first post here and I just wanted to ask HOW DID YOU LEARN AND KEPT YOUR STUFF IN MIND???

Let me tell you all my sob story:

I started programming about 1 year and a half ago, I started with C# at university and I really like doing some while loops and stuff but that was obviously not enough. I needed money (fast) so I trying learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript so that I could make the BEST websites of the world and sell then at top dollar. Turned out I sucked at design and now I buy Wordpress templates to make a living, shame on me.

I like Web Developing, but I got so frustrated when tried to make first website from totally nothing, that today it is on standby, I guess I can't even make a callback function any more. After this huge deception, I began with PHP, did a little CRUD system, but I hate the language.

I really have an issue, I can't focus at one thing for too long, this programming world have too many options and I like all of them, I even bought a freaking Machine learning course at Udemy to learn Python.

As life goes on, today I am learning Java to develop for Android, but I feel that I will just drop out of it too, I get excited fast and frustrated even faster, I need some small project to exercise all this stuff I have learned, but I don't have enough creativity to start something from the ground.

Could you help me finding somewhere (or maybe someone) to give me small projects so that I can start again with baby steps? If you guys have some magic path I can follow to learn and use some language, I would be extremely grateful for life.

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Joe Strouth

Check out and There's no magic path that makes learning hard things easy, the trick is to find something interesting and stick with it. The more you learn, the more interesting things get.

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Charles Willian Author

Thank you I you get a good look at those sites, I have never heard about them lol

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Evan Freeze

+1 on freecodecamp - it uses really short exercises so it’s easy to just do one or two and pause if you get bored. Plus they have some project milestones where you actually have to build something from scratch, so it’s a good mix of tutorials, lessons, and hands-on building.

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Doaa Mahely

Hey Charles. What I can tell you is that you should try to focus on one thing at a time. I know, it's difficult! I'm guilty of doing the exact same thing. I start a course and before I'm halfway through I look for and begin other courses in different languages and fields!

Before you invest your time learning something that might not pay well in your country or you don't enjoy, I suggest looking at market data where you live and following tutorials where the author creates a project from scratch, whether it is a mobile app or website. I think this way you can see the whole lifecycle of the project and decide if you like it or not.

Finally, best of luck with everything!

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Charles Willian Author

Well, thank you my friend, I surely will look into some tutorials

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Brandon Burzon

Being new to something can be really difficult because what we want to be able to do often surpasses our current skill level. Just like what everyone has already said, keep pushing through that barrier and working on that one thing until you become so good people can't ignore you.

Set a goal to create 2, 5, or 10 different things with the technology/language/framework you are trying to learn. Start creating the apps or sites you use the most (from the calculator to your favorite social media). Stick to it even if you only spend 30 minutes per day.

Remember that you are already one step ahead of the others who haven't made the commitment yet. Watching yourself improve can be very motivating!

Wish you all the best! I have experience in Java so pm me if you have any specific questions, and I’ll try to help.

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Charles Willian Author

Thanks a lot! I should ask something's :D