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Charles Willian
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Native or cross-platform development?

I've been wondering which one should I invest my time on. Both seem to have its pros and cons, but I would like to hear from you, which one would you choose to start on and why.

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I used to think app development would be cool to learn. Then I learned most people spend 80% of their time using just 5 apps. (ref)

Then there is also the issue of making any $$$ with mobile apps. We have no problems shelling out 5$+ for a coffee daily, but paying 1 dollar for a mobile app!

Finally, if you build an Android app, you miss the IOS market, and vice-versa.

I personally like the idea of cross-platform development, and or web focused development. All smart phones can access the internet, thus if you build a web-app you automatically cover a huge portion of the market. There's also plenty of ways to build for web and native. PWA apis provide some bridge to getting your web-app to feel more "natvie". Finally working on 1 code base just saves time and money.

I'm very biased on the topic, but today I'll stick with learning web development 😄

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Charles Willian

Thanks for you reply, that really cleared my mind!