What is the tech stack of pusher.com?

Does anyone has an idea about pusher tech stack? because it is hard to scale websocket stuff. how pusher does it? i like to know the way that they handle their traffic with their tech stack and infrastructure.

Thank You

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From their VP of Engineering @swstagg ’s ama

The core of the main Pusher platform is written in Ruby using the EventMachine framework. We also use Redis extensively for the internal messaging part. We picked this in 2010 because we spun out of a Ruby on Rails agency, and we never had capacity to change it 😁

In the last year we've been building a new platform built in Go to support our new products, which we're finding much more suited to building scalable distributed systems. We use Kubernetes for infrastructure management and React on our front-end.

Thank you for the information!! :D do you have any idea what are they using for websocket? and how they scale it with Kubernetes?

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