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Where to find a job you love + my list of services I have known and loved

Hi there!
I'm a senior React.js dev and recently I think more and more about relocating to the US or Europe (I'm from Russia), or at least about starting working remotely with a US/EU company.
There are some great services in RU-net, where you can leave your resume and little by little offers come in:, Everything is convenient, you don't need a million confirmations and a million obligatory fields, which make you feel suffocated.

Here's a list of sites I compiled in the course of my exploration. Perhaps it will be useful to someone else:

What do you guys use?
I don't have anything against Linkedin or Angel List, I just want to know what else is out there.
I'd appreciate suggestions and stories about your own experience of changing jobs.

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Hello there. I've relocated to Sweden several years back. The market for developers here is huge and there are companies that specialise in hiring talented developers for local tech companies. As in if you're good at what you do, you'll find the whole process extremely easy, as they take care of pretty much everything.
I don't know how it works now, during the pandemic, but when I moved here we actually had most of the Dev team speaking Russian.
This said, while the official language in Sweden is swedish, I rarely met anyone who doesn't speak English here and in my working environment it's the official company policy to speak English.
It's important to add that Sweden is a great place, with strong social system, health care and education (though Swedes think otherwise). But this comes at a price of higher level of control and law enforcement. E.g. your probation period may be as long as six months, notice period applies not only to work,but even to a gym membership and it is several months. Also there's no such thing as "gray zone", it's not possible: you're either criminal or not. Everything is digitalised and even the street markets are cash free (in Stockholm that is).
With all that said, you'll have a salary several times higher, but the prices here are also higher, though the difference does make for a good quality of life.
If it seems like a good fit for you, linkedin is the place to look. Good luck!

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Abel Lifaefi Mbula

Thank you, @valeria .

Should you share your contact?

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Davis O Matengo

Thanks this was very helpful